Recycled Paper Pencils Set of 6 – Each Variants

 72.00 120.00

Recycled paper pencils are made of old new papers, Kid’s craft paper which are rolled tight from the torn strips. Complete Tree Free. This also come with a seed at the end which is Planatble, Eco friendly pencil.

Wooden Toy Car


Channapatna Toys are traditional craft wooden toys. It is known as Gombegala Ooru of Karnataka. Vegetable dyes are used in the coloring process to ensure that the toys and dolls are safe for use by children. You can use it as a Toy or a decor item.

Neem Wood Cake/Pizza Ladle


Natural Neem wood with oil finishing, long lasting baking tool. handcrafted out of a solid piece of neem wood sourced ethically. Item is made of natural wood and therefore wood will also vary in color, making each piece unique. By using wooden utensils you are using products that are renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic. It naturally […]

Wooden Perpetual Date Change Calendar


Wooden perpetual calendar is crafted of solid wood. Our perpetual calendar’s removable month and date pieces allow quick, daily calendar updates–year after year. You can call it as never ending date calendar. You can use it at home, office desk, Study room, car.

Handmade Cane Basket With Handle


Handmade Basket with handle made of Natural Cane. Multipurpose Use- Gifting / decor items like chocolates, Toys, Jewellery, Beauty Products, Office Stationary etc..

Jute File Folder


Khadi Eco Basket’s natural jute file folder is both biodegradable and sustainable. It is smart and reliable to allow you the comfort of style as well as reliability when you use it. Very useful in keeping your documents in arranged and neat & clean manner.

Handmade Flat Cane Storage Basket


Flat storage basket made of Natural Cane. Use for Gifting / decor items like chocolates, Toys, Jewellery, Beauty Products, Office Stationary etc..


Natural Premium Quality Wooden Cloth Hangers

 400.00 900.00

Give your wardrobe a new & stylish look with a natural made wooden Cloth Hangers. Premium Quality hangers designed especially for your wardrobe clothes, Precisely cut notches on each end allow for hanging straps.

Door Hangings


Drape your hallway arch with these beautiful hangings made of wood in Channapatana.

Natural Handmade Hanging Coconut Shell Lamp


Handmade Real Coconut Shell Lamp Ideal for Home Decor -Parties, Diwali Lights, Christmas & Wedding & Party and other Festive.

Coconut Shell Lamp


Beautifully hand-crafted lamp made from coconut shells.

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